I am a Man who loves a Woman

I am a Man…

I am finally coming into tune with what being a man means for me. I can’t explain it really nor would you probably want to read it. However, I can say part of becoming a man means accepting responsibility, tackling challenges, not shying away from big moments, being vulnerable, being completely honest and speaking up for yourself.

…who loves…

Love is an action, plain and simple. When you love someone (or say you do) you will demonstrate it.

Love is also a bucket of feelings and emotions. When in the midst of love, it overtakes you. Love is always irrational. We should want it no other way.

I once heard the phrase “harpooned by love” and I think that’s a good word picture for how I feel and have felt the past two years.

…a Woman….

My Woman. How do I describe someone who has broken my heart. Every day and every moment we spend together she surgically cracks apart the protective shell I had built to keep me from ever feeling hurt or loss or grief. She shows me that it is worth the risk even if we just share it for today.

How does she do this? By being so open and honest and completely vulnerable to me and expecting the same from me.

She is truly a Woman in every sense of the word and she allows me to be her Man.

We both cannot and will not promise each other tomorrow. What would be the point in that? So we love fully each day we share together. Just as it should be.

I am a Man who loves a Woman.

Originally written Jan 2011.