Post About Nothing

I'm committed to writing again on a more consistent basis. So many things rattling around in my brain that need to be shared. 

I have opinions on everything. Sports, politics, philosophy, religion, business, family, friendship and love. No shortage of topics there. 

Also, I love to tell stories. My life is full of stories that I am living and sharing everyday. So much to be shared.

The pic in this post is from a recent camping trip we took. I call it "Last Light". 

This is another post about nothing. A preview of sorts for the things to come.


"Last Light" - Heart Bar Campground, CA

Here I Go Again

It's been quite some time since I blogged. Do people do this anymore? I've been successful with a blog once in the past. But it was hacked and I don't have the energy or desire to resurrect it. Damn Russians.

People tweet now. I've always hated Twitter. Who cares what I think in 140 characters or less?

Our President tweets, which in my opinion is kind of a buzz kill on the entire platform. Grandpa discovered something new and he's ruined it for everyone else. 

I've decided to give this blog thing a go (again). Long form tweeting if you will.

I may have some things to say. It's not just about faith or religion anymore for me. There are many things that interest me, or simply thoughts that pass through my head that need to be shared. Maybe I'm no different than President Grandpa.

Who gives a shit. This is for me. My own selfish entertainment. Let's see what happens.